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Product Details for Dye M2 w. MOSAir & i5 Goggle System

Dye M2 w. MOSAir 

The M2 just took another giant step in the world of technology with the new MOSAir.  DYE’s new Method Operating System Air takes the best paintball gun control platform of the M2 marker and makes it better. The M2 MOSAir allows the operator unparalleled access to precision tuning, vital marker performance, feedback and marker service reports. Now with even more customizable features, such as power control options, multiple boot screens, a brand new firing mode, new play screens, shot tracker as well as Cable Free Charging and wireless Air Sync.  The MOSAir actively tracks subsystems for you, so you are focused on the game not your marker.  Customize nearly every aspect of the next generation M2 operating system for the ultimate playing experience. 


  • Evoke Compatible - I5 Goggle Hands Free Alert System- A revolutionary step for the sport of paintball, the next generation M2 MOSAir is wireless. With the simple plug and go e.VOKE unit, your gun is ready to send your I5 e.VOKE vital game time information via DYE’s Air Sync wireless connection. Customizable automated audio alerts like time tracking and shot count, keep you ahead of the competition.
  • CFC (Cable Free Charging) - Wireless Power Transfer is now standard. Set up your charging pad or charging stand and never have to plug in your M2 again. Your M2 can now be charged on any inductive charging base and the DYE charging pad works with other inductive charging systems.

  • Power Off Double Tap Option - Press and hold or double tap to power off. The new power down option combined with the updated Quick Draw power up with audio alert setting, lets you get on and off the field with speed and comfort.
  • Shot Tracker - Keep track of how many balls you have remaining or track what you shot in the day. It also notifies you when you are running low on paintballs.
  • New Outlaw Firing Mode - The new Outlaw Firing Mode lets you custom build your own firing mode. Choose burst or ramp, when it kicks in and what it takes to sustain your max rate of fire. Outlaw mode is just that, outlawed and not tournament legal, but a lot of fun to run with.
  • New Tournament Style Play Screen - Our new play screen lets any referee official quickly identify whether you are legal or not. Don’t get profiled and mistakenly oppressed with penalties again.
  • High Contrast Play Screens
  • Store Three Boot Screens 
  • Improved Systems Check Screen .
  • Service System Disable Feature


Note: All new above features are only available on the new M2 MOSAir Circuit board due to the highly updated processor and coding that make up the MOSAir circuit board.  MOSAir circuit boards are backwards compatible into all M2 Markers. All current M2 owners can upgrade their M2 Markers to become M2 MOSAir, with DYE’s customer upgrade program. For the first 90 days, all current M2 owners can upgrade their M2 to MOSAir for a special introduction price. 


Dye i5 Goggle System


The i5 e.VOKE allows players to go wireless.  With the simple plug and go kit, your M2 with MOSAir is ready to send vital game time info to your i5 e.VOKE via a Wireless PAN (personal area network) connection. Keep your head in the game while the e.VOKE feeds you real time updates and alerts or let your M2 and e.VOKE walk you through pro inspired drills, designed to help you improve your game. e.VOKE is the next technological evolution in paintball goggle system technology. 

This revolutionary goggle system features: 

  • e.VOKE Compatible Functinality – Electronically upgrade your game, the i5 is ready to go wireless. With the simple plug and go kit, your i5 and M2 are in instant communication, feeding you vital game time information via wireless Air-Sync connection.

  • Mask Protection v11.5 – More coverage without sacrificing style or weight. The i5 v11.5 facemask provides increased protection, while still maintaining a tight profile with total comfort.

  • GSR Pro Strap – The GSR gear lock system gives you precise tension control for a secure, comfortable fit. The extra wide head pad grips the back of your head, and distributes the force over a large area, ensuring zero slip and maximum comfort. Simply turn the dial and ratchet down your i5 to a precision fit

  • Heads Up POV Mount – Integrated mounting system for POV cameras so you can capture every moment of playing on video.

  • SCREAM Multi-Directional Venting 
  • Ultralite Construction 
  • Anatomic Fit and Function 
  • Soft Touch Multi-Layer Foam
  • Quick Release Foam Kit Replacement 
  • Rapid Lens Change 
  • Anti-Fog Thermal Lens 
  • Horizon 290 Lens System 
  • Compression Formed Ears 
  • ASTM Certified 


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