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Wanna Be Paintball Revolution Famous Part II

As you can see, we've refreshed our website category images!  Thank you for all the great photo submissions, and congrats to the winners!  We feel so connected to everyone, you feel more like family, and we are thrilled to have our website be a reflection of that connection.

The contest isn't over!  We'll be refreshing our images from time to time; especially some of the team photo's - we wanted to give some props to the team, but are looking forward to showcasing more of your awesome ballin.

Continue to add photos to the #pbrwebsitecontest on Instagram.  We'll look at the photos regularly. 

Some things we are looking for that will help your photo get selected (learnings from the first contest):

  • Please submit photos without watermarks.  If your photo has a watermark on it, most likely it is owned by a photographer, or someone other than yourself.  We can't use those images on our website.
  • Keep in mind these are photos that we are using for our product category photos.  So not only should they be of you paintballin, they should also be great photos that showcase your using the product.   Categories: Markers/Guns, Masks, Loaders, Air, Protective Gear, Casual Gear, Accessories, Marker Packages, and PBR Exclusive Gear. 
  • Photos that tell a story, are quirky, are OMG, or just great action have better chances of being used.

Thanks again!  Congrats to our winners!

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