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Why is Ninja's SL tank lighter than regular carbon fiber?

Ever wonder why the Ninja SL tank is lighter and smaller than a regular carbon fiber tank? 

It's all in the weave......

First lets talk about how a carbon fiber air tank is made. Many people don't realize this, but it actually starts with an aluminium bottle. They produce an aluminium tank with relatively thin walls, and then wrap it with carbon fiber to make it stronger. The result is a tank that is lighter and stronger than one made from all aluminium. 

Here is where the SL comes in. Ninja started experimenting with just how thin they can make the aluminium in the base tank. They were able to make it thinner than ever before because they also changed the way they wrap the carbon. The new wrapping method makes the tank even stronger, so that means they can make the walls even thinner. 

The result is a tank that has much thinner walls, but is just as strong as a normal tank. This is how they can make a tank that is 30% lighter. This is also why the tank is smaller on the outside while keeping the same internal capacity. 

Check out this video where Ray from Ninja explains the whole process. 

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March 19, 2022


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