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Why to Use a Tank Cover & Different Tank Cover Options

At Paintball Revolution we've received a number of questions regarding whether or not it is important for players to cover their tanks and what the best options are for doing so. In this article we hope to answer as many questions as possible on the subject of tank coverage. 

Carbon Fiber Tanks

We most commonly see players who use a carbon fiber tank with a clear topcoat. Ninja, for example, is a very popular brand that manufactures these types of tanks. For these tanks, there is always a possibility of denting and damaging the topcoat if the tank falls, or takes too hard of a hit. So yes, getting some kind of a cover will help provide an added layer of protection to the tank.

In addition, covering your tank adds friction when pressed against your shoulder while playing, allowing for a more comfortable playing experience. The coating of the air tanks is quite slippery against the material of most jerseys. So the friction caused by having some coverage in between the tank and the jersey will allow players to have an added element of control when playing. 


Aluminum Tanks

Aluminum air tanks, like those made by First Strike, are known for being stronger and more durable, so players who use aluminum tanks aren't usually as concerned with protecting the tank itself. However aluminum tanks can be just as slippery up against paintball jerseys as carbon fiber tanks, so adding a tank cover will help create that desired friction which makes playing that much more comfortable. 

Full Tank Covers

Full tank covers encase and protect air tanks in their entirety.They come in a variety of materials, like neoprene from Valken and silicone from Exalt. They also come in a variety of colors and designs that add an aesthetically pleasing aspect to your air tank. 


Tank Butts

Lots of tanks already come with beautifully designed prints, patterns, and colors. So it makes sense that some players wouldn't always want to use a full tank cover because it hides the the design of the tank. In those cases, we recommend a tank butt. They protect the bottom of the tank while creating that friction between the tank and the jersey in the same way that full body tank covers do, without hiding the tank's design elements. 

We offer a wife variety of tank butts that range from ones made by Exalt to HK Army vice tank grips to the knuckle butts made by Bunker Kings


Hockey Tape

Hockey tape used as a tool for tank coverage has interestingly enough become a trend we've seen appear more and more in the paintball field. You can wrap the tape around your tank however you like, and form that gain some protection for your tank that functions rather rather well. 


For more details about tank coverage and tank cover options, click on the video below!