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About paintball guns and shooting accuracy

December 13, 2016

Whether paintballing is a new passion or you’re a paintball veteran, there’s nothing more frustrating than missing your mark. If you’re tired of not hitting your target, it’s time to improve your accuracy. While you might be tempted to throw out your gun and start over with a new model, there are actually a few things you can do with your current machine.


If you are using a Co2 bottle to power your paintball gun, it could be impacting your accuracy. A high pressure air tank, also known as HPA, will increase your overall accuracy and be more efficient. HPA tanks use a regulator. This means you use the same amount of pressure each time you pull the trigger. Using HPA instead of Co2 also keeps your gun cleaner because of the type of gas it is. With a cleaner gun, longer lasting pressure, and increased accuracy, this is one upgrade you don’t want to skip.

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Protective Gear Needed for Paintball

December 13, 2016

Paintball is a sport that’s sweeping the nation. If you’ve taken an interest in this fast-paced game, it’s time to invest in your own equipment. Perhaps more important than the gun itself is the protective gear you need before you can safely hit the course. 


Did you know that a paintball travels between 260 and 280 feet per second? Speed-wise, that means that you have paintballs coming at you at more than 200 miles per hour. If one of these tiny spheres hits you in the head, it can cause some serious damage. Protect your head by wearing a paintball-specific helmet or headgear each time you pick up your gun.

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