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More $$ For Your Trade When You Trade For Luxe Ice!!

luxe ice trade sale

Here's how it works!

As an example, we normally offer $1000 for a used CS2.  If you trade for a Luxe Ice, we'll give you an extra $80 for your CS2, for a total trade value of $1080 towards the current selling price of the Luxe Ice ($1199.95 to $1324.95)

Ex: If you want the Gloss Purple Gloss Gold Luxe Ice - The selling price is $1199.95 (+ tax for CA residents), less $1080 for your CS2 trade, means $119.95 (more if you're a CA resident) out of pocket!!

If you're interested in trading for a Luxe Ice; please fill out the following trades form and state you would like to trade for a Luxe Ice.   Please note: Inflated values for trade only applies to the Luxe Ice.  If you change your mind after your appraisal and chose a different marker we'll have to adjust your appraisal accordingly.

Trades Form:

Here's our entire selection of Luxe Ices:

 Trades Values Table!

If you don't see your marker here, don't fret, just tell us what you have on our trades form and we'll give you your normal trade value and inflated for Ice Trade value.