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V-Force Grill Paintball Goggles Mask Swamp

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<p><strong>Design Technology</strong></p>

<p>&bull; Cutting Edge, industry leading ThermoCured&trade; AntiFog and AntiScratch lenses with unbeatable distortion-free optics.</p>

<p>&bull; Sleek spherical lenses, with an aggressive low-profile. Sunglass-inspired 3D lens shape allows for unrestricted peripheral vision.</p>

<p>&bull; HardTarget&trade; Design for an ultra low profile aimed to further reduce the target zone enable a super-tight play.</p>

<p>&bull; Maximum Bounce due to the Full-Flex ProGrill, a center face soft rubber area that maximizes bounce factor.</p>

<h3>More information</h3>

<p><strong>Quickchange&trade; convenience features</strong></p>

<p>&bull; QuickChange&trade; ClickDry&trade; Foam System, for a fresh, dry foam in a snap.</p>

<p>&bull; QuickChange&trade; lens, for super-fast interchangeability service during time outs.</p>

<p>&bull; QuickChange&trade; Strap.</p>

<p><strong>In-Play convenience features</strong></p>

<p>&bull; FeatherWeight Comfort. Ultra-lightweight design for unrestricted movement.</p>

<p>&bull; Fast-drying super soft Dual Density Foam.</p>

<p>&bull; Comfort Chin Strap for better stability during fast games.</p>

<p>&bull; Built-in forehead VFlector&trade; in the form of a bounce-panel for added face and lens protection.</p>

<p>&bull; Pro Visor for increased protection in sunny or rainy conditions.</p>

<p>&bull; Adapt to any light condition with optional HDR lenses available in an array of different colors.</p>

<p><strong>What&rsquo;s in the box</strong></p>

<p>&bull; Installed Dual-Pane Thermal Lens and silicone strap.</p>

<p>&bull; 1 visor with the required installation o-rings.</p>

<p>&bull; 1 Chin strap.</p>

<p>&bull; Instructions manual.</p>

<p>&bull; Soft cloth carry-bag that can be used for lens cleaning.</p>

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