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Planet Eclipse GTEK M170R Paintball Marker Gun Grey Red

The original Gtek was the first Eclipse marker to feature the now-iconic Gamma Core drive train. Efficient. Smooth. Quiet. Gentle on even the most fragile paint. And reliable beyond comprehension. From frozen wastelands to scorched earth deserts the Gamma Core delivers all of its potential, all of the time.

So the decision to continue with the Gamma Core in this, the Second Generation of Gtek was a simple one. A no-brainer. But that didn’t mean the rest of the marker wouldn’t see a serious overhaul. The M170R combines a raft of advanced features to bring the Gtek line bang up to date.

The main focus has been achieving a completely hose-less version of the Gtek, while still retaining simplicity of assembly and of course, reliability. This means that all critical components are now housed within the frame, simplifying the design, making maintenance and break-down far quicker and easier.

These updates all go towards making the M170R incredibly simple to clean and maintain. It’s a pleasure to live with, both on and off the field.

But of course there is more to the M170R than just reliability and simplicity. The M170R also comes fully accessorized with a range of features that you would expect to find on an Eclipse marker of this quality and pedigree.

There’s the latest Eclipse low-rise clamping feed. Shaft 5 threaded 2-piece 14.5” barrel.

Whether it’s the low recoil keeping your aim on point and target in your sights, shot after shot, or the quiet sound signature keeping you concealed from the enemy as you stealthily prowl through the undergrowth, the M170R offers something for every player and every style of play. Performance. Efficiency. Reliability. Simplicity.

The Gtek M170R has it all.

And it is destined to become the marker of choice for every aspiring player.

The beating heart of every GTEK marker is the incredible Gamma Core. A revolutionary spool valve design that uses Breech Sensing Technology and a unique pneumatically latching spool to accurately control the exact amount of air released for each shot completely independently of the solenoid and the dwell time. This makes it highly efficient without the need for any electronic adjustment or tuning as well as making it supremely reliable in playing conditions ranging from -20f to +100f. In order to be able to shoot the most fragile paint possible, the Gamma Core employs a very finely controlled 3-stage bolt acceleration profile to gently pick up the ball and push it into the barrel. The gas release for the firing pulse is also carefully tailored to maintain low peak pressure behind the ball which gives the GTEK M170R its distinctively quiet shot and smooth feel.

Powered by the ground-breaking gamma core drive train, the GTEK M170R can go toe-to-toe with any opponent on any battlefield in any weather without breaking a sweat.

With its clean, slick, blade-like lines, the GTEK M170R is a tool sharpened and ready to perform at any level.

Hose-less Air Transfer System
Spool Valve Operation
Gamma Core Drive train
Tool-less Bolt Removal
Bespoke 3-Way Solenoid
Aluminum Construction
135psi Operating Pressure
Low-Rise Lever Operated Clamping Feed tube
Patented DefTek Feed System
Integrated SL6 Inline Regulator
External Velocity Adjustment
14.5" Two-Piece Barrel - Autococker Threads
Wrap-Around Rubber Grip
Operates With Compressed Air Only

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