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Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100 Paintball Marker Gun Black - PREORDER

Planet Eclipse have decades of experience in manufacturing the most technologically advanced, the most heavily researched and the most extensively tested markers in the world. The result of all that knowledge, expertise and experience? The EMF100. By utilizing the latest testing and analysis techniques they have been able to identify key weaknesses in existing systems and engineer intelligent solutions into the EMF100 to ensure previously unseen levels of performance and reliability within the MagFed game.

Special attention was paid to both Shaped and Round Ball handling in the magazine, magwell and breech. Using cutaway bodies and High Speed Camera technology, breech/magwell geometry and design were tuned to ensure the chance of flipped Shaped Rounds entering the breech were reduced to an absolute minimum. In fact, in months of beta testing and bench testing, shooting tens of thousands of Shaped Rounds, there was not a single reported case of a flipped or jammed round in the magazine or the breech. Some of this incredible performance can be attributed to the new custom Eclipse followers used in the magazines. But most is down to new geometry and guide elements combined with the gentle 3-stage loading action of the Gamma Core drivetrain.

But the benefits of the Gamma Core don’t stop there. Its efficiency is off the chart compared to almost all other MagFed markers out there. A 13ci tank should easily be good for 10+ hi capacity magazines. The Gamma Core generates a silky smooth, whisper-quiet shot which helps you stay concealed from your enemy, and ensures your shots are on target. And it’s supremely reliable. The Gamma Core has been battle tested in tens of thousands of guns around the world. In every playing environment possible. Deserts. Frozen wastelands. Tropical jungles. And it just never fails to deliver. There isn’t a more durable, reliable, yet refined and efficient drivetrain in paintball. It has it all.


The EMF100 provides a flexible compatibility platform so the player can create multiple configurations. Run with full hand guard for the full AR effect. Or remove the hand guard and run a CQB look. Playing a big game and want to be a heavy gunner? Drop out the mags, fit the PAL Loader System compatible feedtube, clip in the dummy mag and run a PAL Loader, or any other loader of your choice. It’s all about flexibility and personal preference with the EMF100.


MagFed and Loader Fed Configurations
Spool Valve operation
Gamma Core Drivetrain
Compatible with DYE DTM Magazines
Compatible with First Strike and Round Ball Projectiles
Custom Mechanical 3-Way Valve
Glass Reinforced Nylon Outer Composition
Single Finger Hinge Frame
135psi Operating Pressure
Soft-Touch Bolt with 3-Stage Bolt Acceleration
Valve Chamber Shut-Off and Breech Sensing Drivetrain
Adjustable Lever Operated PAL Compatible Clamping Feedtube
Deftek Offset Feed
Integrated SL4 Inline Regulator
External Velocity Adjustment
14.5" 2-Piece Barrel - Cocker Threads
Dual Density Toolless Clamshell Grips
Hoseless Air Transfer System
Eclipse Mag Follower and Spring Upgrade Kit Included
Compatible With Eclipse PWR Stock (Sold Separately)
Compatible With MOE™ Rail Panels (Sold Separately)
Compatible With Tippmann 98™ Style Buffer Tubes

1 20 Round Dye Mag Included!

WEIGHT 1500g /3.3lb ( inc. 14.5" Barrel and DTM-20 magazine)
LENGTH 591mm (17.2")
HEIGHT 273mm (10.7") (inc DTM-20 Magazine)
WIDTH 45mm (1.53")

BODY EMC shell with 6061 aluminium internal sleeve
BARREL 6061-T6 Aluminium
FRAME GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon)
TRIGGER 6061-T6 aluminium
BREECH COVERS GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon)
EMC RAIL GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon)
FEED GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon)
MAG GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon)

TRIGGER METHOD Pivot trigger
BARREL 2-Piece micro-honed 14.5" Length - cocker threads
FEED TUBE PAL compatible lever operated clamping feed
MAGWELL Compatible with DYE™ DTM-10 /DTM-20 magazines and MMC couplers

SOLENOID TYPE Bespoke in-house engineered mechanical 3-way valve
PROPELLANT Compressed air only - Not CO2 compatible

* Attachments & accessories sold separately. DYE DTM-10 Magazines shown for illustration purposes only (sold separately).


The Eclipse PWR Stock* (not included) is designed for quick adjustment, maximum stability and improved sighting, making it a supremely effective upgrade to your tactical loadout.

Designed to accept HPA tanks with a max external diameter of 51mm/2", the Eclipse PWR Stock is an enhanced buttstock that combines to give both tank protection, and a fully integrated profile.

The lever operated adjustment arm allows you to quickly position the PWR Stock to any of the 11 numbered lock-in points. The ergonomically contoured shoulder grip reduces slippage to help improve accuracy.


Tough light GRN construction
Lever operated adjustment arm extends quickly to 11 lock-in points
Positive shoulder grip reduces slippage
Accepts HPA tanks up to a max diameter of 51mm/2"

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