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Planet Eclipse CS2 Paintball Marker Gun Combat 6 Ashes 4

 Introducing the NEW Planet Eclipse CS2! With it's new slimmed down milling, the CS2 is 119g lighter than the CS1 and 24g lighter than the CS1.5, but that's not all it has to offer. The bolt design is an upgraded version of the Gamma Core made exclusively for the CS2 and future markers. The valve chamber has been enlarged to drop the operating pressure to just 105-110 psi to maximize shot quality and efficiency. A new battery housing has been introduced where your batteries are now fully enclosed and the springs have been enlarged to ensure that you always have a stable connection. The grips have been slimmed down and no longer require any tools to fully remove them. The new primary board has eliminated all wiring and has a bluetooth module that will eventually allow you to connect to an app and make changes to your settings and even your splashscreen. The new trigger design allows for easier adjustment and can be removed without first removing the frame from the body. The new soft tip bolt design prevents the tip from coming off as seen with previous models.

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