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Dye Precision M3+ Paintball Marker Gun Deep Blue

The M3+ is Performance Elevated. DYE’s new M3+ with MOS Air is a superior

performer in every way, combining new design and new advancements with tried-
and-true features to deliver a marker ready to elevate your game to the next level.

Based on the legendary DM series platform, the new M3+ has been designed and
built with state-of-the-art technology, new innovative features and improved
convenience. Confidence is built right in thanks to the all-new DYE Slide Lock
Airport ASA, updated FL-21 Bolt System with all-new Flex Face Bolt Tip,
refined 4th Generation Patented Eye Pipe System, all-new BWing21 Solenoid
Housing, all-new BWing21 Mag-Reach Trigger Blade, all-new UL-S 2-Piece
Barrel System + much more.
The FL-21 Bolt System with an all-new 2-Stage Flex Face Bolt Tip sets a new
standard for dependability and performance. Designed to operate across the
widest range of extreme conditions, the FL-21 bolt provides unmatched
performance without sacrificing reliability. The reimagined bolt and valve operation
delivers dwell independence breech pressure insensitivity and active recoil
cancellation. These precision design elements give the player unequalled
consistency. The FL-21 Bolt also delivers superior air efficiency and shot quality.
The ultra-low operating pressure, Flex Face Bolt Tip and refined bolt cycle renders
a smooth and quiet shot, in addition to the ability to shoot extremely fragile paint.
Redesigned with simplicity in mind, the traditional LPR has been replaced with
optimized flow control and uniformed force bias, boosting reliability and
performance, as well as simplifying service. Through advancements and
feedback, the new Flex Face Bolt features a 2-stage firing cycle allowing for a
slow, soft first stage for optimal paint handling and speed boost second stage to
maximize valve lift operation. The new FL-21 Bolt System combined with the
proven M Series platform is the next level of advanced performance.
DYE’s Slide Lock AirPort (SLAP) ASA is all-new for the M3+. The new enclosed
SLAP design provides longterm dependability in a rugged and easy-to-operate
package. The shielded design has no button to operate, no knob to turn and no
lever to get snagged. All critical operations are protected by the Slide Lock Cover.
Simply press and slide the lock cover back to engage the air supply with ease.
The Hyper 6s Pro with coil spring, improved air dynamics, and simplified
serviceability, breathes life into the M3+ and FL-21 bolt. The 4th Generation Eye
Pipe System, quick release bolt, and free wire connectors make service fast and
The MOSair OS system provides intuitive navigation and control over precision
tuning and vital real time feedback. Features like an internal pressure sensor,
multiple player profiles, high contrast play screens, power control options, as well
as Cable Free Charging and wireless Air Sync are just a few examples of DYE’s
commitment to innovation and the ultimate player experience.
Staying true to DYE’s design theory, the ergonomic design of the M3+ is
unmatched. The UL frame hourglass design, full wrap, dual density Sticky Grips,
Bwing21 Mag-Reach Trigger, and SLAP ASA gives the player absolute comfort
and control. An improved, refined and dynamic modern body design creating
uniform stability, and the nearly endless performance features inside and out
make DYE’s superior craftsmanship unmistakable. An extraordinary combination
of style, technology, comfort and capability have helped make the M3+ the most
elevated performance marker in paintball.
Luxury Design and Ergonomic Construction
• No exposed screws or plates
• All aluminum construction
• Low profile design
• UL 45 frame with full wrap sticky grips
• Dual density, micro texture grips
• Best ergonomics in industry
• Simple joystick OS operation and navigation
• 2 tool assembly
• Hard form gun case with EVA foam lining for secure protection
Quick Feature View:
• FL-21 Bolt
• Flex Face Bolt Tip
• Quick Release Bolt
• SLAP ASA Slide Lock AirPort
• 4th Gen Eye Pipe System
• BWing21 Solenoid Housing
• BWing21 Mag-Reach Trigger Blade
• MOSair Operating System
• Prism Interface
• Internal Pressure Sensor
• Rechargeable Battery
• e.VOKE Compatible• Freewire Connectors
• UL 45 Frame
• Gas-Thr
• Sticky Grips
• Hyper 6s Pro
• Lockdwn2 Clamping Feed Neck
• Colored O-Rings
• Low Profile Design
• DYE UL-s Barrel Back with UL-s 8" Tip Porting
Feature Details:

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