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DLX Luxe Ice Paintball Gun Marker Gloss Lime w Purple to Pink Splash


A new internal design allows for smoother operation of the gun. This new technology will reduce wear and tear on the gun, as well as keep your O-rings and seals in better shape.

Increased Air Efficiency by roughly 20%. Previous model 2.0 Luxe guns were getting roughly 1200-1300 shots off a cold 68/4500 air fill. This means the Luxe Ice paintball gun should be approaching 1500 shots per fill off the same air tank.

An all new regulator design makes maintenance a breeze. All you need is one Allen key to accomplish maintenance for the entire reg.

The Luxe Ice has an all new profile and has shed some ounces. This lighter weight model feels great in the hands, while continuing with the previous model’s amazing ergonomics.

An all new, low-profile, ASA has been re-designed to be problem free and extremely easy to maintain.

A fully redesigned bolt system which reduces the marker’s pressure by 40psi. This means the gun will be softer than ever on brittle paint as well as more efficient than before.

The electronics also got an overhaul on the new Luxe Ice. Connectors are all updated making it very easy to connect or disconnect any of the plugs on the board. The new connectors make it nearly impossible to mess up a connection.

Out with the old and in with the new! New milling of the entire body and frame made an already sleek gun even nicer. Amazing contours and design streamlined the look of the gun and give it an amazing look to match its performance.

Marker Specs:


  • Marker Type – Electronic
  • Caliber – 68
  • Operation – Spool Valve
  • Operating Pressure – Around 140 psi
  • Eyes? – Yes
  • Hose-less? – Yes
  • Tool-less Bolt? – Yes
  • Barrel Thread – Ion
  • Barrel Length – 14 in
  • Barrel Bore Size – .689 .693 are stock sizes, but does accept standard Freak Inserts
  • Feed Neck Thread – Ion
  • Weight – Around 2lbs 2 oz
  • Marker Length – 21 in
  • BPS – 20+


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