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Buy BK Featherlight Fly Pants and Get a BK V5 Pack for Free!


Featherlight Fly Pants:

Welcome to 100% Unrestricted Mobility. Weighing in at a mere 430 grams, the BK Fly Pants will help you reach peak performance no matter what your playing style is. Years of research, development and testing has made the BK Fly pants not only the lightest durable paintball pants ever made, but also packed with performance driven features.
Performance Benefits
• Run faster with less weight and bulk slowing you down.
• Absorbs less sweat and water, keeping you dryer and lighter.
• Holds up to the abuse of a pro paintball player.
• Extremely comfortable and cool in hot weather.
• Hold your swabs and microfiber in water proof pockets.
• Easily adjustable waistband to cinch down and stay in place.
• Quickly put on and off thanks to the velcro fly.
• Locks together with your pack to keep your pants or pack from falling down.

Soft Waist Adjustment
Comfortable and simple elastic waist adjustment that won’t bind or dig into your skin.
Buttonless / Zipperless Fly
Simply pull the Fly pants on and press the velcro together. It’s as easy as that to take them off again. No snaps or zippers to worry about.
Weatherproof Four Way Stretch
Both the main front and back parts are made in an amazing Durastretch material which is water resistant and super stretchy for unrestricted mobility.
Water Resistant Swab and Microfiber Pockets
Vision and accuracy are two of the most important things in paintball. The water resistant keeps your barrel swab dry which will help you get straighter shots when cleaning your barrel. And a dry microfiber is a must for cleaning your lens. The microfiber pocket also has a cover that helps keeping its zipper dry as well.
Harness Friction Pad
This super sticky silicone print not only looks awesome but also has a gluing effect to your harness which ensures there is no movement between the pack and the pants.

• Weight: (depending on size) | 0.93-0.99 lbs
• Durable stretch nylon cordura construction.
• Dual adjustment velcro waist
• Massive waist size range – size can be strapped down by up to 50%
• Elastic waterproof stretch zones
• Dual swab pockets
• Five breathable mesh zones
• Integrated Harness lock system
• Two mesh pockets
• One waterproof pocket
• Heavy duty stitches with double and triple seamed stitch construction
• Harness friction print
• Adjustable ankle cuffs
• Durable nylon cordura knee + shin construction
• Flexible zones with self-adjusting leg length
• Atheletic performance construction
• Heavy duty flexible crotch
• Button and Zipperless velcro fly
Cleaning / Care Instructions
• Cold Wash
• No Softener
• Hang Dry – No Dryer


Bunker Kings V5 Supreme Pack:

The revolutionary world's fastest strapless paintball pack. Oh, and it's also the most comfortable. Designed by the original Bunkerkings and legendary brothers Max and Alex Lundqvist who have played for renowned pro teams like Joy Division, Russian Legion, Ground Zero, Scorpions and more.
Performance Benefits
. Faster to pull your pods.
. Faster to load up your pack before the game.
. Easier to reinsert your empties during the game.
. Works with all pods sizes - no adjustment needed.
. Run faster without a bulky pack bouncing on your back.
. Stays in place without sliding around.
. Extremely comfortable and secure feeling.
. Holds pods in securely when standing, crouching, crawling, running or diving.
Light-years ahead of the competition, the Bunkerkings WKS Supreme Pack is a fifth generation upgrade to the original revolutionary BK Supreme pack. With its lightning speed one handed load and unload functionality simple enough for anyone to load like a pro. The patented pod holding technology makes you able to load any size pod with no adjustments needed. The belt is the is the perfect combination of comfort and stability with a friction foam pad and a four way lock down system. It also has the strongest Velcro available which will hold your harness and pods securely as you slide in to the next bunker.
The V5 WKS pack improves the original Bunkerkings strapless harness in every dimension. Enhanced comfort, superior pod retention and less bouncing around as you run. Now you can pull and reinsert pods in supreme comfort and style.
The belt and back support are designed to create maximum comfort and prevent your pack from bouncing as you run down the field. Friction padding combine with an advanced elastic attachment system to fit you no matter your body type.
The Bunkerkings Supreme Strapless Pack is a proven design used by top pro players all over the world. The new Bunkerkings packs feature V5 elastic technology, which accommodate all pod sizes, and require no adjustment over the lifetime of the pack.
No matter your style preference, whether you prefer loud and flashy, subdued and low key, or if you prefer to hide in the woods. Bunkerkings is the supreme of paintball style and fashion.
The Supreme Pack is designed to hold on to your paint more securely than ever so you don't have to worry about pods dropping on the hardest runs or dives.
The strapless pack is the most revolutionary product in paintball since the speed feed. Now you can not only reload faster in one seamless pull, but your profile will be tighter as you no longer have to reach up and pull straps.
The unique design of the elastic pouches allow the Supreme Pack to automatically adjust to any size pod.
When walking off the field or reloading in the staging area, simply grab a pod and slide it in. Never ask someone to strap your pods in place again!

. 100% strap free
. Innovative patent pending pod holding technology
. 1 step load and unload function
. Bounce reducing stability belt system with 300 degree grip print and 4 way lock down
. Royal pillow padding for supreme comfort.
. Extra stable double outer pod loops, does not matter which one you use when only using one.
. One size fits most belt. Belt extender is available.
. Strapless lightning speed one handed load and unload functionality
. Works with all 135-165 pods, no adjustments needed
. 4 pack holds 11 pods
. 5 pack holds 13 pods
. US Patent No.: 9,603,438

Cleaning / Care Instructions
. Wash cold/warm water (not hot)
. No Softener
. Hang Dry - No Dryer

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