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Bunker Kings CMD Paintball Goggle Mask Sherwood Gunner

Introducing the World's most fog-proof paintball goggle, the Bunker Kings CMD. Breathe, See, and Communicate better than you ever have before. The BK CMD is a revolution in paintball goggle technology.
Built around the quick-change Virtue VIO lens system, the difference in the CMD is evident from the moment you put it on. Every component has been tweaked and designed to give the best performance in all conditions. The main goal when innovating the CMD goggle was to make it fog free. To achieve this, we had to perfect and combine three factors:
Trifecta Anti Fog System
Firstly, the CMD uses the best possible quality lens available, with an improved thermal pane giving the goggle system a vastly superior anti-fog performance. Combined with high definition polycarbonate materials, the optics of all CMD lenses also increase the clarity and depth of vision.
Breathe, See, Communicate
The massive air flow of the CMD creates a more effective ventilation, forcing all the moisture out and warm air out. Thanks to these vents around the mouth the CMD dramatically reduces the fogging effects of your breath during use.
The face plate is also designed to offer a superior mouth clearance which increases air flow and breathability by 300 percent. Using a combination of anatomically correct geometry and flexible materials, the CMD offers more protection with better communication.
Dynamic Protection
The CMD is equipped with a revolutionary integrated micro-visor, which improves optical performance and offers an extra layer of defense for your goggles. The micro-visor reduces glare whilst also protecting from scratches or any moisture leaking inside your lens.
The design of the face plate also allows for increased bounce and flex, which means it will absorb most of the impact, not your face. The balance between materials and construction increases protection whilst still providing a tight jawline profile. The face plate also eliminates echoing; which combined with the porting around the ear, optimizes your ability to communicate effectively on the field.
Improved Comfort, Stability, and Reduced Pressure
Comfort is also a vital aspect of the CMD, so it has been designed to significantly improve the experience of wearing this goggle for any period of time. The CMD foam is not just interchangeable, it’s plusher and has an extra outer layer of super soft microfiber. We also made it wider to reduce pressure on the face.
The BK command also has a wider goggle strap, this allows for better grip without the need of a double strap. We used soft silicone grip print on the inside, which fits more securely and really helps reduce head pressure. The new width of the goggle strap also lets you show any suckers your BK design swag.
Why Make (Another) Paintball Goggle?
We all want a paintball goggle that never fogs, has great vision, looks fantastic, has optimal protection and feels great. Now, with the CMD (pronounced "command"), you finally have it. With the Bunker Kings CMD you can take Command of the field and dominate your opponents.
Key Features

Anti-fog Performance
• Superior VIO thermal lens technology
• Hi-flow ventilation w/ unparalleled moisture reduction.
• Multi-Directional air exhaust zones w/ 300% improved breathability

Acoustics & Communication
• Anti-echo geometry and materials
• Distortion free hearing
• Direct communication mouth vents

• Interchangeable plush BK foam
• Super soft microfiber contact layer
• Wider pressure reducing shape

Integrated micro-visor
• Glare reduction
• Scratch resistant protection
• Reduces moisture and paint leakage

• Anatomic geometry w/ optimal mouth clearance
• Balanced dynamic protection
• Bounce flex zones
• Skin smooth inner shape

Ultra wide goggle strap
• Pressure & headache reducing
• Super sticky grip print
• More secure fit

Designer Goggle Bag
• 50 % mesh, 100% breathable
• Helps dry your goggles & keeps them fresh

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