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I'm New to Paintball. What Should I buy?

Are you trying to get into paintball? Here are some tips for when and what to buy.  (Would rather watch a video? Video at bottom of this article)


1. Mask   The first thing we recommend is getting a mask. Safety is #1. Regardless if you plan on playing at the field (it's required) or if you plan on playing woodsball, if you have your mask on you will leave with the same number of eyes you started with. All paintball masks are rated for safety and will safely protect you if you get shot in the lens (which happens). Another reason we recommend buying a mask is that you don't want to rent one.  Think about it… Rental gear has been on sweaty faces.. The foam is absorbant. Icky. Which mask to buy is another article, but we are really particular about the products we sell and stand behind anything you'll find in our store.


2. Marker/Gun Setup  Now it’s time for your setup. Many people getting into the sport go straight for a gun, but hopefully we provided a compelling reason to get your mask first.  Not sure what gun to buy? Check out this article 

 In addition to your gun, here is what you need to make your gun shoot paintballs:

 *Loader aka Hopper - Feeds paintballs into your gun.  Check out this Article

 *Air Tank - Assists in the firing of the paintball.  Check out this article: What's the difference between CO2, Compressed Air, Aluminum, & Carbon Fiber Tanks? 

 You will also need to clean your gun:



Also needed while playing paintball:

*Harness - Holds your pods of paint

*Pods - Holds your extra paint


 3. Gearbags & Cases: Next, you'll want a case to hold your gun (if your gun didn't come with one), and you'll also want cases to hold your Mask, Loader, and Tank. Your cases, and your other gear (below) will go in your gearbag.

 4. Clothing & Padding:  New clothing and some padding is nice to have, but not critical, to playing the sport. You can just play in standard pants and t-shirts.  Buying a paintball jersey and/or pants is nice for a few reasons.  Paintball jerseys are lightweight, breathable, and provide protection from the sun.  Also, some jerseys have a minimal amount of lightweight, built-in padding to help take some of the sting out of getting hit by a paintball. Paintball pants are great for the same reasons. They are designed with some built-in padding that assists in sliding and provides some protection when getting hit with a paintball.  

 You could also purchase Elbow Pads, Knee Pads, Chest Protectors, and Slide Shorts to aid in more aggressive play. If you admire the way the pros dive, slide, and just go for it, padding is a must.

 5. Upgrades: Here are some upgrades to make the sport even more enjoyable:

 *Barrel Kits & Inserts - Help matches paint to the barrel. Paint swells or contracts based on weather conditions. Matching your barrel/barrel inserts to your paint will help with accuracy.

 *Speedfeeds - Helps you load paint into your loader faster.

 *Colored Lens for your Mask - Helps with your vision during changing light conditions.

 These are just some tips and facts from us at Paintball Revolution, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out via phone (661-724-6822), email, or social media. Our highly trained staff is always here to help.