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Virtue Contour II Spire III Paintball Loader Mask Combo Reality Brush 280

The Virtue Spire III is an all-encompassing upgrade to the game-winning design of the original Spire 200 and 260. The Spire III is built on technology that made the original Spire the best high-end loader in paintball, while simultaneously improving its performance, reliability, and ease-of-use.
The Spire III is built on the proven original Spire design that has won more professional tournaments since its inception than any other loader in the sport of paintball. The Spire III continues with design philosophy that’s built to Win in delivering a loader that’s Smaller, Lighter, Holds More Paint, Easier, Faster, and Still Never Jams.
Trademarked Hinged Shell Technology
The Spire III makes disassembly faster and easier, while improving durability at the same time by combining the top shell, back shell and bottom shell into a single hinge-mounted unit. Just unlock the shell with the press of a button, and the high strength glass-filled nylon hinge provides one-handed access to the entire inside of the loader.
Dual LED Reload Indicator with Alarm
The Smart Spring Ramp allows the loader to automatically sense when it is low on paint and notify you through a combination of dual Heads Up LED Indicators and an adjustable audible speaker alarm.
Higher 220rnd Capacity
By reducing the height of the internal Spire Drive and changing the geometry of the bottom of the loader, the capacity has increased to 230 rounds without adding to the height or weight of the Spire III.
Brittle Paint Performance
The Spire III is designed to feed the most fragile paint imaginable. Newly redesigned flexible rubber fingers gently feed brittle paint with ease, while the interior of the loader is designed with smooth surfaces to prevent breakage from paint turbulence.
Faster Jam Proof Feeding
The Spire III Drive system is 35% smaller and integrated into a newly designed captured raceway that allows the Spire III to feed faster and more consistent than ever while still being able to feed the worst paintballs imaginable without skipping a beat.
Integrated Smart Spring Ramp
The Spire III comes standard with a larger Smart Spring Ramp that helps feed at a variety of angles, while also interfacing with the Spire III Reload Indicator to alert you when you’re low on paint.
Improved Toolless Design
The Spire III comes standard with a larger Smart Spring Ramp that helps feed at a variety of angles, while also interfacing with the Spire III Reload Indicator to alert you when you’re low on paint.
Toolless Tray Design
Not only can the Spire be disassembled in seconds, but now the tray and raceway itself on the Spire III can be disassembled for easy cleaning or service without using any tools.
Interchangeable Spire Drive Fingers
The Spire III flexible fingers are co-molded to a quick release ring making their removal for cleaning or maintenance easier.
Magnetically Attached Spire Drive
The Spire III Drive is attached by a smooth magnetic surface on the top of the drive, making it easier to remove and install.
Integrated Backshell Windows
By integrating the backshell directly into the top shell, the Spire III has fewer parts to worry about while still retaining its unique style characteristics.
Quick Change Speed Feed
The Spire III lid can be replaced with the best speed feed in paintball in seconds. The newly updated Spire Crown SF II features toolless quick change removable fingers. Each finger is mounted on a spring, for the ultimate combination of feeding performance, paint retention, and sag-proof reliability.
Shock-Mounted G-Force Sensor
The Spire III G-force sensor has been upgraded and mounted on an independent silicone housing which reduces unwanted spinning and allows the Spire III to function more consistently and reliably.
CPU-Optimized Motor
The Spire III has a faster, more intelligent processor that monitors the motor to prevent annoying pulsing of the stack, allowing the Spire III to stop and start feeding more reliably.
Wireless Programming
The Spire III features wireless programming directly from an Apple or Android device. Download and update the Spire III with the latest firmware or just always have your manual with you. Future versions of the software will allow you to adjust securely over your smartphone or tablet.
Toolless Electronics Package
Not only can the software on the Spire III be flashed wirelessly from your phone or tablet, but the entire electronics package can be easily removed without tools.
The VIO Contour II brings high end comfort with professional contoured face protection. In addition to proven features, such as a quick change, fog resistant thermal lens and innovative versatile design, the Contour II now features Bright Lens Technology, improved comfort and stability thanks to a 3D Foam Molded Pro Pad, and softer translucent facemask technology.
• Subdued Colors - Won't Catch Your Eye
• Add Style - Without Becoming a Target
The new Dark Slate edition colors are designed to add some style to your setup, without being flashy enough to catch your opponent's eye across the field. These flat subdued colors still look great, and blend in across the field without providing a strong contrast.

• Wear for Hours - No Discomfort
• Fits More Securely - Easier Strap Adjustment w/ Headgear
• Added Head Protection - Protects the Back of your Skull
The Pro Pad on the Contour II protects the back of your head with lightweight, breathable padding; and most importantly keeps your goggle comfortably secure. By increasing the area of contact, the Pro Pad reduces pressure on both your head and eyes, while holding more securely in place whether you use other headgear.
• Increased Acoustics / Softer Flex Comfort
The new VIO II Earpads are also 3D Molded using an upgraded, stronger foam, that allows them to be lighter, and more flexible. Less bulk and more flexibility results in a stronger earpad that's not only more comfortable, but offers better sound performance as well.
• Better Looking - Increased Flexibility
• Pro-level Profile
• Bright Mirror Lens / Massive Visibility Improvement
• Zero Color Distortion
• Fog-Free Thermal Pane / 100% UV Protection
• More Comfort / More Secure
• Better Style
We've upgraded every aspect of the strap, right down to the adjusters, which make adjustments not only easy, but they stay secure as the strap locks strongly into place without shifting. Of course, the look of the strap has been enhanced with full sublimation, integrated woven label and a silicone badge.
• SEE MORE / Large Field of View
• BETTER COMFORT / 3D Molded Pro Pad
• BREATHE EASIER / Ventilated Airflow
• HEAR CLEARER / No Echo Ear Pads
• SPEAK LOUDER / Direct Mouth Vents
• MORE SECURE / Enlarged Goggle Strap
• Hinge Lock™ Quick Change Lens
• Streamlined Facemask Coverage
• Semi-Flexible Facemask
• Enhanced Soft Foam Ear Pads
• 3D Molded Pro Pad
• Enlarged Goggle Strap
• Ventilates and Breathes Easier
• Transmits Voice Better
• Lightweight
• Comfortable
• Replaceable Multi-Layer Eye Foam
• Distortion Free, Large Lens
• Snap-On Replaceable Straps And Ear Pads
• Interchangeable Facemask
• Scratch Resistant Lens Coating
• Anti-Fog, Dual Pane, Thermal Lens
• Chromatic Lenses Available
• VIO Product Manual (PDF)
• ANTI-FOG: Coated, Dual Pane, Thermal Lens
• 100% UV Protection
• WARRANTY: 1 Year (frame+mask)
• INCLUDES: Chin Strap, Microfiber Goggle Bag, Manual
• ASTM & CE Certified

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