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Dye M2 new software review and update procedure

Dye Just released a new version of their software. In this version they addressed some bugs that prevented new features from being installed in software version 1.02.1. Here is a list of what changed in 1.02.1

  • Quick Draw Power Up
  • Improver Trigger Filtering
  • Battery % Level while charging
  • Improved more efficent programming
  • Sharper refined Graphics files
  • Matching On/Off Custom Boot Screens
  • Profile Lock Out
  • Software Version Number added to boot screens
  • Dis-Engage Trigger on power up
  • OLED Screen Segregation

Here is a video we produced on how to do the update. 

2 Responses


November 11, 2017

I uploaded a custom boot screen once and now I’m going through hell trying to change it.


July 10, 2017

What is the current software for this now? I noticed on dye’s website that there are two firmwares. Which is which? I have the m2 mosair v2.01.1. But I think it needs the Mosair update at v2.03.1? Please confirm. Thank you!

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